Consultation and Planning

We Understand the client's vision and requirements through thorough consultation.
 This involves discussing themes, color schemes, budget, and any specific preferences the client may have for the event.

Design and Decoration

Bliss Creates customized decor concepts tailored to the client's preferences and event theme. 
This includes sourcing or creating decorations such as table centerpieces, floral arrangements, backdrops, balloons, lighting, signage, and any other elements needed to bring the vision to life.

Installation and Setup

We Handle the logistical aspects of setting up the decorations at the event venue. 
This involves transportation of decor items, coordination with venue staff, and ensuring that everything is arranged according to the agreed-upon plan and timeline.

Cleanup and Removal

After the event concludes, Bliss dismantles and removes all decorations from the venue. 
This includes proper disposal or recycling of materials as necessary, leaving the venue in its original condition or as agreed upon with the client.